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A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Fire Damage Restoration Equipment

As a property owner, facing the aftermath of a fire disaster can be daunting: from the fire and smoke damage itself to issues caused by firefighting efforts such as residual water seeping into the structure warping floors and causing mold, to structural damages seen and unseen, your to-do list for fire restoration is probably longer than you expect.

Luckily, there are expert restoration contractors who can alleviate most (or all!) of the items on your to-do list. At CRUSA, we have years of fire damage restoration experience, and this article overviews our recommended tools and methodology.

Understanding Fire Damage Restoration

A professional fire damage restoration contractor should approach the assessment phase as a fact-finding mission in order to accurately measure the extent of the fire, smoke, and water damage before any remediation can begin. Concurrently, they will initiate all necessary disaster recovery efforts in order to salvage anything of value.

Fire Damage Restoration Equipment

From the beginning of the restoration project until completion, an experienced contractor like CRUSA uses a slew of diverse, specialized equipment designed to solve each issue and restore your property to its original condition. Remember, not all fire damage is fire and smoke related, as there may be lingering issues caused by the water used in fire containment efforts.

Air Scrubbers and Air Movers

Smoke can linger in the air for weeks while dust covers surfaces and gets into the smallest nooks and crannies, significantly compromising air quality after the fire.

Fire restoration companies use powerful air scrubbers to filter out harmful particles and purify the air, as well as air movers to dry out any lingering dampness.


If water damage recovery is necessary in the aftermath of firefighting efforts, dehumidifiers help extract excess moisture from the environment, preventing mold growth and further water damage.

Ozone Generators​

The smell of smoke can be very long-lasting and problematic for the people experiencing it every day. A professional contractor like CRUSA will use a commercial grade ozone generator to completely neutralize the odor-causing molecules.

Dust Containment Systems​

From tarps to tents and more, there are several ways to effectively contain all the dust and debris left after the fire until they can be safely disposed of. It’s crucial to keep dust isolated to one area so it doesn’t become airborne, contaminate other areas of the property, and affect its residents.

Specialized Cleaning Tools

Cleanup tasks for smoke and fire restoration involve a lot more than an everyday cleaning job. Specialized tools including pressure washers, steam cleaners, and special sponges are used to cleanse all surfaces and remove soot and smoke damage.

Final Thoughts

Recovering after a fire disaster isn’t easy, but hiring an experienced fire restoration contractor is a big step in the right direction. After many years in the industry, CRUSA Construction and Restoration has fine-tuned an exhaustive process for inspection, cleanup, and restoration until every property is made whole again. 

If you’re dealing with fire damage, you don’t have to go it alone or wonder who to trust with such an important and substantial project. CRUSA is a full-service restoration company specialized in large-scale restorations with a proven track record. We’re proud of our ability to maintain the highest standards of quality and safety while completing the work on schedule and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first step in fire damage restoration depends on the extent and type of damage. If parts of your roof, windows, or doors are in bad shape, you may need emergency board up services before any inspections or repairs can take place. 


When your property is secure, your contractor should evaluate the extent of damage, prepare a project plan, and designate a project manager to handle everything – and help you interface with your insurance company. A full service contractor like CRUSA can take on the entire project from board-up (if needed) to cleanup, debris removal, rebuild and remodel until the property is ready for occupancy again.

The best way to prevent mold after water damage is to ensure immediate and effective drying of the affected areas. This can be achieved by using professional equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers. Mold remediation might also be necessary in some cases; your restoration contractor will be able to advise you to this effect.

Knowing what to do after a fire is not as simple as it may seem, even in the case of a minor fire. Often, fires can affect hidden areas of your property or cause long term structural issues that are hard to predict. Besides, proper cleanup usually requires commercial-grade equipment and the expertise to use it safely.  


For these reasons and more, consider hiring a full service restoration company to carry out your restoration project from start to finish.

Naturally, you want to gain full use of your property as soon as possible, so it’s crucial to choose the right contractor who can handle not just the initial cleanup but every aspect of the restoring, rebuilding, and remodeling. A full service restoration contractor will also assign one point of contact, acquire permits, schedule inspections, and have enough manpower and equipment to get the job done quickly and correctly – the first time.


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