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Residential Disaster Restoration

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When you have substantial damage from water, mold, fire or smoke at your home, you want an established, fully licensed and insured contractor to handle the entire project from A to Z. 

At CRUSA Construction & Restoration, we have over 35 years of full-service experience in residential and commercial disaster restoration serving Ohio and neighboring states.

We specialize in larger projects, from 6 figures and up, with teams of certified experts and the equipment to back us up. You’ll have a dedicated project manager to ensure inspections, cleanup, permits, and restoration move forward expeditiously, and we offer a 24/7 emergency cleanup service hotline to take care of the most urgent tasks in your home.

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CRUSA Full-Service Residential Cleanup, Restoration, and Remodeling Services

Large-Loss Water Damage Restoration

No job is too large for CRUSA Construction and Restoration. As the only large-loss water damage restoration company in Greater Cincinnati, our team of experts will step in to inspect, clean up, and restore your home to its original condition or better. From repairing broken main water lines to remediating extensive flood damage and removing or preventing mold, we’ll handle 100% of the hard work so you can get back to living your life as soon as possible.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

After you’ve endured the devastation of a home fire, you want a comprehensive evaluation of the damage before any work can be done. At CRUSA Construction and Restoration, we provide a thorough inspection of all areas affected by fire, smoke, and water used in firefighting efforts. Then, we secure the property and proceed with cleanup, sanitation, repair, and restoration. Our 24/7 emergency repair team is ready to step in right away to minimize damage and additional future expenses.

Home Remodeling

When you want your home to reflect your unique personality while meeting your family’s functional needs, consider CRUSA Construction and Restoration. We’re proud to offer a full suite of residential remodeling services, with a highly skilled team of designers, craftsmen, and contractors ready to make your vision into a reality. We pay attention to every detail and utilize only high-quality materials to deliver a timeless style that will make your home the talk of the town.

Mold Remediation for Your Home

Mold infestations can be detrimental to both your health and your home’s structural integrity. At CRUSA Construction and Restoration we provide expert mold remediation services utilizing specialized tools and techniques to carry out mold removal, cleaning, and thorough disinfecting until the mold is gone and your home is safe again.

Property Reconstruction

If a disaster destroyed or significantly damaged your home, call CRUSA to rebuild. Our skilled team has been carrying out extensive commercial and residential reconstruction projects in Ohio and nationwide through our national network. We have the skill, expertise, and equipment to efficiently rebuild any structure from the ground up (plus the basement, too!) and make it as nice as it was or better.

Fire Damage Emergency Response

There is no time to waste after a fire has damaged your home, and that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency cleanup services. Avoid further property losses by calling us at any time of the day or night so we can immediately assess your situation, carry out any urgent repairs, and secure the building right away. When the emergency is over, count on us for additional fire-chief-approved prevention tips and fireproofing services.

Emergency Board Up Services

When your home’s roof, windows, doors, walls, or other structures have been severely damaged, you may need emergency board-up services before proceeding with any repairs. Our team will tarp your roof and board up window and door frames to make the building secure from intruders, pests, and further losses. This process gives your rebuild crew enough time to safely inspect and assess the work that needs to be done. 

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