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Commercial Storm Damage Restoration

Expert Solutions for Post-Storm Recovery

A storm’s aftermath can be daunting and chaotic. Torrential downpours, floods and high winds may have caused structural damage, property loss, and water infiltration; time is of the essence to get back to normal and resume operations.

If your building is struck by a storm, contact our emergency line immediately. We’ll quickly assess the damage and start repairs without delay.

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CRUSA Services for Storm Damage Restoration

Let’s Get You Back to Business

CRUSA professionals are available 24/7 to respond to any storm-related emergencies. We can provide on-site assessment and repair services to ensure your business is safe and secure.

Matching the Right Crew With the Right Job

Our extensive network of IICRC-certified technicians has a wide range of skills and backgrounds, so we can assemble a team that meets your needs anywhere you are.

Benefits of CRUSA's Professional Storm Damage Restoration

Our expert team tackles everything from roof repairs and water removal to structural reinforcements. We even provide temporary shelter to keep your business running smoothly. 

Our storm damage restoration solutions include:


Emergency Response

Board up, tarping roof, pumping out water



Damage Assessment

Inspection and restoration plan



Debris Removal & Cleanup



Water Extraction & Drying

Mold remediation, dehumidification, document drying



Restoring Structural Damages



Permit Approvals & Final Inspection


We’ve Got You Covered!

Commercial building insurance policies are often complex and confusing. Let us help you by contacting the insurance company on your behalf and clarifying your coverage for storm damage, business losses, theft, and more.

The Devastating Effects of Flooding

Storm-related flooding can be severe enough to permanently disrupt business and cause significant damage to commercial buildings. Professional storm restoration remediates existing problems and mitigates the risk of further damage.


Floodwaters carry a variety of contaminants, such as bacteria, oil, heavy metals, and pesticides, that require professional equipment and a skilled clean-up crew.

Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazard Considerations

If not addressed swiftly, contaminants like human and livestock waste, other germs, and household, medical, and industrial hazardous waste can all lead to illness.

Electrical Hazards

During flooding, electrocution, short-circuiting, damage to electrical installations, and downed power lines can pose serious life-threatening risks.


Only a knowledgeable and experienced team aware of the risks and trained in safe practices should enter the facility and assess the dangers and damages.

Mold Growth

Excess moisture from floodwaters causes molds to reproduce by releasing tiny spores that float through the air. When these spores land on wet surfaces, they begin to grow.

Health Risks and Considerations

Mold exposure poses health risks. Controlling moisture is key. Drying water-damaged areas within 24-48 hours is important to prevent mold growth.

Why CRUSA is a Savvy Choice for Storm Damage Restoration

We’re undaunted, no matter the type or scale of storm damage. This may include the ability to reconstruct a building that appears damaged beyond repair.

Check Out the CRUSA Success Stories

Commercial storm damage restoration is part of our company’s full-service construction and restoration solutions. Learn more about some of our successful projects on the Case Studies page.

Prepare for Storms Ahead of Time

Rather than just helping you recover from the storm, let us help you prepare by assessing risks and developing emergency plans. We ensure businesses are ready for anything nature throws their way.

Partner With CRUSA on Emergency Response Protocols

Keep your commercial property safe and properly maintained.

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