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Healthcare facility restoration

Restoring Your Healthcare Facility With Less Disruption

Available 24/7 For Disaster Response

Patients. Nurses. Doctors. Administrators. Many people are affected when a healthcare facility isn’t operational due to a malfunction, contamination or disaster. And nowhere is it more urgent to return back to normal – in some cases, lives may be at stake.

The CRUSA Expertise in Medical Building Restoration

We work with hospitals, dental offices, outpatient clinics, testing labs and any other medical facilities that were damaged by a fire, mold, spill, or other major issue. 

CRUSA also assists with preventing disasters from happening in the first place through our disaster prevention programs and a downloadable mobile application to monitor your facilities.

A Strong Network of Trusted Partners

Disastrous events can cause the loss of medical records, thus affecting patient care, and recovering anything salvageable is also a priority. 

While our main team focuses on rebuilding your facilities from the ground up, we have an exhaustive network of trusted partners assisting in document and asset recovery.

Our Services

35 Years of Experience in Disaster Response

CRUSA is available 24/7 in the event of a disaster. Over 35 years managing large, complex restoration projects in Ohio and nationwide, we’ve built reliable teams of highly trained professionals to triage your situation and prioritize recovery efforts for best results.

We handle every aspect of the project from the moment you call us until the facility is reopened. Our dedicated project manager will take charge of all applicable inspections, estimates, permits, certifications, and anything else needed for a successful rebuild. 

Anything You Need After Disaster Strikes

Beyond the standard building and permitting processes, rebuilding a healthcare facility involves additional hurdles and certification processes to ensure buildings comply with all applicable healthcare regulations. 

We’re fully certified according to OSHA and all applicable state and federal mandated regulations.

Our 24/7 emergency response team is on call anytime you need to secure your property after a disaster.

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Making Your Healthcare Facility Healthy Again

Disasters aren’t the only culprits when it comes to patient and staff safety. If hazardous contamination affects your facility for whatever reason, it needs to be neutralized in the fastest possible time frame. 

Our powerful cleaning equipment and specialized staff are trained to remove biohazards, organic matter, and chemicals, making your facility fully operational again.

CRUSA Construction and Rebuilding

As a full-service construction company, we can handle new builds or additions to your medical building so you can respond to increased patient needs while minimizing disruptions and prioritizing patient care.

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