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Commercial Large Loss Restoration

Full-Service Contractors for Commercial Property Restoration

A large loss event is disruptive in so many ways, affecting your commercial property, your employees’ livelihood, and your bottom line. After experiencing major damage, time is of the essence in order to get everyone back to work quickly and safely. 

CRUSA is fully equipped and experienced in large loss restoration for Cincinnati, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Working With CRUSA After a Large Loss is Easy

Step 1: Contact Us ASAP

  • Call our Emergency Line:

Step 2: Initial Assessment

  • Board-up services, if needed
  • Property walkthrough 
  • Materials list for rebuilding

Step 3: Estimate

  • Your dedicated project manager sends you a detailed estimate of the necessary work
  • You approve before work commences

Step 4: Project begins

  • CRUSA handles all necessary permits 
  • Your project manager keeps you updated every step of the way

Step 5: Insurance Claim

  • Your PM is happy to coordinate all insurance claim paperwork

Step 6: Project Completion & Reopening

  • Work is completed
  • Required inspections
  • Back in business

Our 24/7 emergency response team is on call anytime you need to secure your property after a disaster.

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Commercial Property Restoration

Large loss restoration is the process of bringing a property back to life after major damage, whether it was caused by a flood, fire, structural damage, or other issues. If your property is severely damaged, a full-service large loss restoration contractor is a wise choice.

We Specialize in Large-Loss Damage Remediation

Because disasters don’t happen on a set schedule, hiring a contractor for large-loss disaster restoration is quite different from planned work. Your priorities are also different:

  • Secure the building
  • Obtain necessary permits quickly
  • Reopen and get employees back to work
  • Navigate your property insurance claim
  • Minimize the chances of another disaster 

CRUSA Handles the A-Z of Your Commercial Property Restoration

As a full-service restoration and reconstruction company operating in Ohio and nationwide for over 35 years, we’ve fine tuned our processes to make things as easy as possible for each commercial property owner after a disaster.

CRUSA on Your Side

We’re here for you when you’ve experienced major damage to your commercial property. You’ll get an experienced, dedicated project manager to coordinate the entire project and take most of the work off your plate – including all necessary permits and inspections, and negotiating with your insurance company to get you the best results.

Our Services

Large Loss Restoration and Construction Services

CRUSA offers full-service restoration from start to finish no matter the type of damage; however, depending on the type of disaster that affected your commercial property, the process may be slightly different.

Disaster Planning and Prevention Services

Partner with CRUSA to build an effective emergency and disaster plan
custom to your facility

Integrate your facilities’ existing emergency and disaster planning and work with our team of experts to create a digital building report that you can access through the CRUSA Emergency Call app.

Record disaster and emergency protocols, assess and mitigate risks and have a plan in place before disaster strikes.

Download the Emergency Call app today

Large Loss Reconstruction by Building Type

Major damage can affect your commercial property in different ways depending on the building type. CRUSA offers a range of restoration and construction services designed for different types of buildings while serving the needs of their stakeholders.

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