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Full-Service Mold Removal And Restoration

Safeguarding Your Business From The Threat of Mold

Mold thrives in damp corners, fueled by leaks, floods, and excessive moisture. Left untreated, it can wreak havoc on your building, causing structural damage and posing a health risk to your staff. It’s essential to begin remediation efforts quickly to prevent further damage and ensure safe working conditions.

Dealing with mold growth? Prevent negative health consequences and keep your building safe – we’re just a phone call away!

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CRUSA Services for Mold Remediation Restoration

Prioritizing Your Building's Well-Being

No mold problem is too big or too small for our licensed mold remediation experts. CRUSA meets or exceeds industry benchmarks by following industrial hygiene and testing protocols, applying antimicrobial treatments, and using thorough mold removal techniques.

Professionals With The Right Accreditation

CRUSA’s mold remediation team has extensive specialized training and is IICRC-certified. In addition to eliminating any existing mold, we carefully adhere to all EPA and OSHA guidelines to locate any other high-risk moisture areas and prevent further growth.

We Understand the Urgency of Mold Remediation

Our crew of highly qualified, certified professionals uses an exhaustive process to identify and remediate any mold issue, including:


Inspection and assessment



Mold containment



Spore removal via air filtration



Disposal or cleaning of infested materials



Restoration to the original condition



Address extra moisture to prevent mold growth


Insurance Matters, Simplified

Mold remediation coverage for commercial buildings can vary by policy. We contact your insurance provider to review your coverage, so you have one less thing to worry about.

What If There's Also Asbestos or Lead Contamination?

An asbestos or lead problem may be present if your insulation, floor tiles, roofs, pipelines, or paint are older than 30 years old. To safeguard everyone’s health and safety, these contaminants require specialized professional evaluation and removal.


is a natural mineral fiber used in fireproofing and building materials such as insulation and floor tiles. It becomes hazardous if disturbed enough to become airborne – as would happen in a demolition project that doesn’t follow the proper protocols.

Health Risks

Exposure can cause long-term health problems, such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.


is a toxic metal used for many years in paint and other products.

Health Risks

Inhaling or ingesting lead dust can cause neurological issues and damage the nervous system, stomach, and kidneys.

Asbestos vs. Lead vs. Mold: Which One is Worse?

While all three are hazardous, the severity of their impact can depend on factors such as the extent of exposure, an individual’s health, and the promptness and effectiveness of remediation efforts. Consult a professional for assessment and remediation if any of these contaminants are suspected in a building.

Why Choose CRUSA for Mold Issues?

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our team of certified mold remediation experts will restore your property and your peace of mind through our high-quality, comprehensive services.

Check Out the CRUSA Success Stories

As part of our extensive commercial restoration solutions, we offer small-scale and large-scale mold remediation services. You can learn more about some of our successful projects on the Case Studies page.

Preventing Mold Growth in the Future

Good practices to prevent mold include regular plumbing checks for leaks, reducing moisture levels, ensuring good ventilation, and prompt water damage cleanup. Contact us if you’d like a tailored mold prevention strategy for your property.

Partner With CRUSA on Emergency Response Protocols

Keep your commercial property safe and properly maintained.


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