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Mold Remediation Services

Mold is a common problem in many homes and businesses, and it can cause serious health issues for those exposed to it. Mold remediation is the process of mold removal from a home, and it requires specialized tools and techniques to be effective. CRUSA Construction and Restoration is a trusted name in the industry, and we offer professional mold remediation services to keep your home safe and healthy. In addition to removing mold spores from all affected surfaces, our team also offers other services that are designed to help prevent future mold growth.

Finding Mold in
Your Home Can Be Scary

While finding mold in your home or business can be scary, rest assured that CRUSA Construction and Restoration is here to help. Mold is one of the most serious issues that can arise in properties, and it can cause significant damage and pose a considerate health risk to occupants if not addressed in a timely manner. Since microscopic mold spores can spread quickly through a building, the mold removal process should be quick, efficient, and stress-free. As a result, it’s important to hire a reliable and experienced company like CRUSA Construction and Restoration to help with mold remediation work.

Our Mold Remediation
Services Include

CRUSA Construction and Restoration is the best choice for mold remediation services. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our team of certified mold remediation experts are committed to providing the highest quality service and results. CRUSA Construction and Restoration specializes in mold remediation, which focuses on mold removal, cleaning, and disinfecting of all affected materials. We understand the severity of the situation, and take the necessary steps to ensure that all affected areas have been properly treated and are safe for occupancy. The team at CRUSA Construction and Restoration goes to great lengths to ensure that homeowners are not only safe from the health risks of mold, but also from the financial risk of costly repairs that often accompany mold damage.

What to Do About
Mold Until Help Arrives

When you hire CRUSA Construction and Restoration to handle your mold remediation project, you can rest assured that your property will be thoroughly inspected and treated with the highest level of care. We provide comprehensive reports that detail the extent of the damage, the steps taken to remediate it, and any additional steps that may be necessary to ensure the safety of your home or business.

What to Do

To ensure safety, call a professional mold removal service like CRUSA Construction and Restoration as soon as you discover mold in your home or property. Make sure that you are wearing an N-95 respirator or high efficiency particulate air mask if you are going to expose yourself to mold.

What Not to Do

Mold containment should be your primary goal, whether you discover some mold in your home or a larger mold infestation in your commercial property. Ensure that you are not transporting microscopic mold spores between areas of the home or building. Do not attempt to deal with the mold issue yourself, leave the mold mitigation to CRUSA Construction and Restoration, the experts in mold removal.

Mold Remediation &
Restoration Process

CRUSA Construction and Restoration uses a variety of methods in their mold remediation and restoration process. We will perform a thorough assessment of your property to identify the cause and extent of the mold infestation. Once the assessment is complete, we will develop a detailed mold remediation plan that is tailored to your property’s needs. We will then take the necessary steps to ensure the mold is removed and that all mold-affected materials are safely and properly disposed of.

Identify and Remove

First, we inspect the area to identify any visible signs of mold. Then, we identify and remove any source of moisture that could be causing the mold. This includes repairing plumbing or roofing problems, sealing windows and doors, and using dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture in the air.

Humidity Control

Mold requires moisture to thrive. Our team of experts first identifies the moisture source and ensures that any affected surfaces are properly addressed. We then use moisture meters and air moving equipment—as well as other state-of-the-art technology and technique—to dry all affected areas and ensure that the humidity is properly controlled, checking moisture levels daily to ensure that future issues will not arise.


Once the moisture source is contained, the team will remove any remaining mold. This is done by using specialized vacuums, detergents, and other products that are designed to kill mold. After the mold is removed, the area is sealed with a special sealant to prevent further growth. The sealant also helps to prevent spores from spreading throughout the home. Finally, the team performs a deep cleaning of the area to remove any lingering particles or spores.

The CRUSA Unique Difference:

  • The Highest trained and certified staff in the industry
  • State of the art equipment and materials
  • Immediate dispatch 24 hours a day 365 days a week
  • Commercial & Large loss Specialists
  • Adhere to OSHA standards, along with local, state, and federal regulations.

Why Choose CRUSA Construction and Restoration for Mold Remediation Services?

If you are a property owner in need of assistance with mold remediation, CRUSA Construction and Restoration is the best company for the job. We are a fully licensed and insured restoration company that specializes in mold remediation for residential and commercial properties. At CRUSA Construction and Restoration, our teams of highly-trained, certified professionals are fully equipped to handle all types of mold remediation projects, from small-scale projects to large-scale projects, and everything in between.

Our team of certified professionals has the experience, expertise, and resources needed to properly identify, assess, and remediate any type of mold issue. In addition to our expertise in mold remediation, the team at CRUSA Construction and Restoration also offers a variety of other services including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and disaster recovery. No matter what type of damage you’re facing, you can trust us as your mold remediation experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mold remediation and mold mitigation are two distinct processes that are often confused. While both processes are necessary to prevent and remove mold growth, they involve different approaches. Mold remediation is the process of removing mold from a home or business. This can include removing moldy building materials, cleaning up mold-infested areas, and treating areas where mold may be present. Mold remediation requires specialized tools and techniques, such as air moving equipment, and should be performed by a trained professional. Mold mitigation, on the other hand, is the process of preventing and controlling mold growth. This includes identifying and addressing the sources of moisture that can lead to mold growth, such as plumbing leaks, condensation, and poor ventilation.


Mold mitigation also involves implementing measures to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, such as using dehumidifiers and air conditioners. In summary, mold remediation involves the removal of existing mold growth, while mold mitigation involves taking measures to prevent and control mold growth. Both processes are essential for preventing and controlling the spread of mold in a home or business, and CRUSA Construction and Restoration is here to help.

CRUSA Construction and Restoration provides comprehensive mold remediation services. This includes a thorough inspection and assessment of the affected areas, mold containment, air filtration, removal and cleaning of mold-infested materials, and restoration of the area to its original condition. We also take steps to address moisture issues to prevent future mold growth.

We understand the urgency of mold issues and the potential health risks involved. Our team offers prompt response times, and we strive to be on-site as soon as possible after your call.

It's generally not recommended to clean up mold yourself, especially if the affected area is large or if the mold is a result of contaminated water like sewage. Professional mold remediation is important to ensure complete and safe removal, and to prevent the spread of mold spores during the cleanup process.

The duration of the mold remediation process can vary depending on the extent and location of the mold, the size of the affected area, and other specific circumstances. Once we've conducted an initial assessment, we can provide a more accurate timeline.

Preventing moisture is the key to preventing mold. Regular maintenance checks for leaks in plumbing, roofing, windows, and doors, keeping humidity levels low, ensuring good ventilation, and prompt cleanup of water damage can all help prevent mold growth. CRUSA Construction and Restoration also offers consultation on mold prevention strategies tailored to your specific property.

More Info:

At CRUSA Construction & Restoration, we understand that mold can pose a significant threat to the health and safety of your employees

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