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Machine Shop Heavy Duty Cleaning – Rural Area (Case Study)

After an unexpected large fire broke out in the paint booth inside the facility, CRUSA was called in to restore the machinery and facility to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. This facility was in a very rural area adding major complexity as hotels and services were at least 40 minutes away. Upon arrival CRUSA determined that some of the specialized machinery key to getting the business back to production had more soot and damage than expected. CRUSA upped our manpower by an additional 30 members to ensure we limited the downtime they would experience and came up with a 5 stage plan to limit contamination and get key areas cleaned and open quickly.

Full structure cleaning was performed on a daily basis, with the heaviest affected area Boarded up and contained, and focus on the 2 key high profit centers. These two priority areas were complete in the first 7 days, helping the client get back to business faster than they could have expected. The remaining areas were completed on priority over the next several weeks, finalizing everything ahead of schedule, while exceeding expectations even with the logistics complexities.


  • Secured 25 lifts same day to ensure we could start work ASAP
  • Lifts, forklifts, boom lifts and floor scrubbers needed to come in from nearest city over 1 hour away
  • Cleaned and sanitized all the building structure
  • Cleaned and sanitized all equipment and inventory in dedicated areas
  • Moved and transported materials and inventory in different states for cleaning throughout the facility
  • Overcame logistic complexities with job being in extremely rural area
  • Provided air filtration system while workers were in areas based on the contamination from the fire
  • Cleaned and sanitized all concrete floors and roofing
  • Hepa Vacuumed and detailed cleaning to manufacturing guidelines for customized equipment
  • Utilized boom lifts, scissor lifts and other large equipment to reach all areas of facility.
  • Setup containment between different zones of facility expedited


Worked with ownership to DEVELOP A 5 STAGE PLAN to limit contamination and GET KEY AREAS OPEN QUICKLY
INCREASED MANPOWER to achieve timeline
EXPEDITED LARGE EQUIPMENT DELIVERY to ensure immediate job start


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