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Elevating Food Manufacturing Facilities with Expert Deep Cleaning & Restoration Services

Facility 1

Facility Overview:

A prominent food manufacturer recognized the necessity for an extensive deep cleaning of its production floor and pre-baking production lines due to impending inspections and compliance requirements. As a leading producer of packaged snacks and baked goods in the USA, this company’s facility, built in the 1960s, faced challenges in meeting rigorous guidelines due to its high production volume.

CRUSA’s Involvement:

Upon commission, CRUSA was tasked with cleaning a 125,000 sq. ft. production room with lots of equipment within five days to ensure it was inspection-ready. To minimize production downtime, CRUSA devised an expeditious plan, including weekend work. Our team members adhered to stringent personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines and used only approved cleaning materials, consistent with the facility’s standards.

Displaying remarkable agility, CRUSA scaled to a workforce of 85 skilled professionals overnight, equipped with scissor and boom lifts. Leveraging our extensive experience, we implemented a large-scale cleaning strategy. Daily morning and end-of-day briefings kept the facility management abreast of progress and enabled seamless coordination for post-cleaning logistics. The facility successfully passed inspections after five dedicated days of meticulous cleaning and was back in production on schedule.

Core Competencies Employed for
CRUSA Large Deep Cleaning Jobs:

  • Customized Project Plan: CRUSA’s tailored project plans accommodated the operational schedules of facilities, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Specialized Cleaning Solutions: Utilizing cutting-edge cleaning solutions, CRUSA maintained high efficacy and safety standards.
  • Equipment Deployment: CRUSA rapidly mobilized a range of specialized equipment, including hand-crank scissor lifts and anti-explosion vacuums, to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Time-Efficient Execution: CRUSA’s ability to mobilize teams swiftly and execute within tight timelines demonstrates our commitment to client needs.
  • Uncompromised Safety: CRUSA prioritized safety through strict adherence to PPE guidelines and compliance with facility-specific requirements. Our impeccable record of no warnings, citations, or injuries speaks volumes of our meticulous approach.

Facility 2

Facility Overview:

Another large facility required urgent cleaning of its flour room, following a malfunction of a flour chute on the 5th floor, which resulted in flour dispersal over several floors. The “Flour room” at the bottom of the chute classified as highly combustible due to flour particles, prohibited electronics and metal. The main area, encompassing 65,000 sq. ft., was complex, and requiring a detailed plan.

CRUSA’s Involvement:

With a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved, CRUSA quickly mobilized its crews. Daily safety briefings ensured the use of non-metallic tools and the absence of items that could cause sparks. Scheduled during non-operational hours, CRUSA employed specialized anti-explosion vacuums and metal-free, extendable cleaning tools to ensure safety.

Collaboration with the facility’s management and safety officers through daily briefings ensured the safe and efficient execution of the cleaning process. After four days of rigorous cleaning and the repair of the flour chute, the facility was restored to safe operating conditions.


CRUSA Construction and Restoration’s agile and efficient response was instrumental in addressing the critical needs of both facilities. Specializing in large-scale and complex scenarios, CRUSA’s capacity to scale teams and execute tasks swiftly, safely, and with exemplary quality makes us the preferred choice for large facility deep cleaning requirements. CRUSA the deep cleaning food manufacturing and industrial facility specialists.

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