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Property Inspection Program


CRUSA’s Partnership with Philadelphia Insurance was created to help protect property owners in the event of emergencies or disasters. After you enter your payment and property details, a CRUSA representative will schedule a walkthrough to evaluate any risk issues that could be present at your property(ies.) This helps prevent small problems from turning big and identifies any areas that might be at risk – before emergency strikes.

Building Inspection services can cost thousands, this exclusive valued customer pricing is for valued Philadelphia insurance customers only.


Enter Your Information To Start the Scheduling Process

Building Inspections


Our program starts with a high level overview of your property(ies) with a visual walkthrough to identify possible risk factors such water or mold problems, pre winterization issues etc.… As our team members walk the facility, they will note important elements including the location of key shutoffs, identify outstanding issues, and develop a digital building report so that any problem areas can be addressed promptly.

The good news is that through our partnership with Philadelphia insurance we are able to offer this exclusive service at a reduced rate of only $500 per property. Mitigating any risk factors at your property prevents excessive damage in the future and can significantly lower your insurance premiums.

Our Process


Benefits to the Property Owner


Help Keep Policy Premiums to a Minimum

With escalating premium costs for commercial properties, being proactive is key to get the best rates possible. 


Identify Potential Risks to your properties

Identify and potential risks that may not have been addressed that could case damage and downtime. 


Mitigate Further Damage

Have the time to be proactive and take care of immediate needs to help keep maximize your building envelope health.

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